Monday, April 30, 2012

My Two Cents on Designing with Color

It seems that many people are still afraid that if they add a certain item to a room, "it will clash."

And while I believe that a certain eye for what looks right to us is appropriate, I don't believe it's necessary (or fun!) to keep rooms to two or three colors and no more. Not only does it create a much more natural feeling (like an attractive cityscape or meadow) when we feel free to decorate with a full palette of colors, it also creates a much richer and more authentic ambiance.

So - by all means - if a certain color doesn't look right to you in the space, balance it out in some way, find another room for it, or return it to the store. And, if you really love to spend time in a room that's nothing but, say, white and cream, or beige and plum, please: be my guest! I just think you should let yourself off the hook, and not make color decisions based on some band of imaginary design Nazis in the sky. Let go, you know? Live a little. If you like the pink throw, the abstract purple and red painting, and the green paisley sofa, hey! Why not?

photo: flickr / Ei! Kumpell


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  2. My living room has a neutral light brown couch so I can do whatever colors I want with it. I've always stuck with two or three neutral tones, but last year I created several collages using turquoise, deep purple, deep red, gold/yellow and green and then matched them up with a mishmash of throw pillows and decor in those colors, plus my great-grandmothers wool rug in black/cream/green/rose/blue. I absolutely LOVE my living room now that it is bursting with color--it is amazing what a difference it has made! I'm a color convert.

  3. Hi Amy! I know, isn't it great? Color is medicine.


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