Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Ruby Slippers, or How I Found My Way Home

After publishing Magical Housekeeping, I pretty much wrote three additional books in rapid succession. (Three and four are still due to come out later this year and early next year.) As exhilarating and empowering as that was, after finishing the last sentence of the first draft of book four back in January, I decided to take a bit of a breather and look within. As you may have read about in previous posts, this period of self-exploration has led me to revisit my relationship with the abuse I experienced as a child, as well as a number of other childhood situations that have carried into adulthood in the form of limiting beliefs, patterns, and fears.

Self-exploration, after all, is a lifelong pursuit. Personally, I know I would get bored if I woke up one day and truly believed that I was completely healed, and that I had everything completely figured out. It reminds me of what an acting teacher of mine (who also happened to be a spiritual teacher) used to constantly emphasize: life (and art!) is basically one big adventure in which it's of primary importance to always be "chipping away at the mystery of Terayza." (He used to call me that because my full name, Teresa, was on the roll sheet and he always pronounced it wrong. And yes, once upon a time, I used to be an actress.)

Anyway, what I wanted to write a blog post about today is how amazed I am to look back and see how resourceful I have always been, especially with regards to choosing to incorporate feng shui as an important aspect of both my spiritual and career paths. It's so interesting how what we teach truly is what we most need to learn, and how our biggest weaknesses can also be our biggest strengths. What I mean is, I didn't ever really feel safe or grounded as a kid. I had two houses, my mom's and my dad's, and neither one ever felt precisely safe or cozy, or like it really was where I belonged. In retrospect, I can see how doggedly I've worked as an adult to establish a place that felt like home. I literally studied the mechanics of it: the physical and spiritual aspects that make a house or an apartment feel safe, cozy, inspiring, and like a place that nurtures every aspect of your life - a place where you can really relax and totally be yourself.

It's also interesting to reflect on how I always identified so much with Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Even as an adult, I so coveted a pair of ruby slippers, magical footwear that you could simply click together and suddenly be HOME, a word that I always found to be the most beautiful of all words despite (or more likely because of) the fact that I had never actually felt like I had one.

And as I type this, I am so happy to say that I have indeed finally made it home. I feel protected, loved, and totally like myself. I have a place of refuge where I can be completely safe - as I look back over my life in order to heal it even more, as I expand deliciously into the present moment, and as I anticipate and plan for the exciting future. I found my ruby slippers, and they were already on my feet. Home, all along, was inside my heart and all around me. Still, I wouldn't trade the journey to Oz for anything! And when I continue to open my heart to bravely learning, growing, changing, and feeling my feelings, I am so pleased to see that the beautiful journey continues.

With all this in mind...

Do you have favorite myths or stories that in many ways accurately define your personal journey and spiritual path?

Can you take a moment to notice and congratulate yourself on all the hard work you've done to emerge victoriously from the past and transmute your old challenges into treasured strengths and healing gifts?

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  1. Tess,
    It is truly amazing that out of a life of strife in childhood that you have blossomed into such a beautiful blossoming person so full of life and talents. I am somewhat older than the norm of your readers I will be 60 next year and am a male on top of that.(smiles)
    I love the Magical advice you give out to your readers & fans as well as your books.
    I give you 5 stars for all you have accomplished! Tess always remember there's no place like HOME!!
    Brightest Blessings!
    Selwynn WhiteThorne

    1. THANK YOU so much, my dear Selwynn! Brightest blessings to you too!

  2. I always had faith in you, Bub! Love, Dad


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