Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Feng Shui

Like a sunrise or a seedling, our precious little babies and toddlers are exceptionally magical. After all, they have only very recently emerged as waves on the shore of time from the ocean of the infinite. Gazing at them, holding them, and being with them, we get to peer into the truth of things more easily, and see that, like them, we are all innocent, and deserving of respect, love, protection, and all the good things the universe provides. Simply put, these whimsical little beings are emissaries of truth; of divine love.

With this in mind, it's easy to see how jarring it might be to make the transition from infinite, timeless, birthless, and deathless, to this temporary realm of apparent conflict and seeming duality. And so, as caregivers, it's ideal if we can soothe this transition by creating an environment that will help facilitate the child's remembering and innate knowing that he or she is safe, protected, cherished, utterly divine, and utterly deserving of love.

From a practical standpoint, this in turn will naturally nourish her health, happiness, and general well-being.

Start with You

Because babies and young children are so exceptionally sensitive to energy and emotion, keep in mind that your emotional well being and general state of mind (and those of the other caregivers and residents) are without a doubt the most important things when it comes to establishing the most supportive and nurturing environment possible. So, you might ask yourself: "What do I need right now in order to feel calm, serene, and empowered?" Perhaps you could use a shower, or a self help book, or a quick reassuring phone conversation with a friend. Possibly a bit of journal writing would help you to look at your emotions and get a little clearer on some of your present challenges. It might be a good time to have a heart to heart with your partner about a more workable division of labor. Or maybe you just need a good laugh, or a good cry.

An added benefit of this mindset is that, especially if you keep it up throughout your child's life, you will be modeling extremely healthy behavior. Through your example, your son or daughter will learn how to take good care of herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

What's more, when you feel empowered, your child feels safe and protected. And the safer and more protected he feels, the more he can focus on learning and growing in the healthiest of ways.

Calm and Simplify

The calmer and simpler the environment, the better everyone will feel. While I know that parents of small children sometimes find it challenging to find the time to clear clutter (or do anything else for that matter), you might just choose a limited space (such as a diaper bag or kitchen drawer) and spend five minutes doing some power clearing. Every little bit helps. Also, while it seems to be the fashion of the day to crowd kids' rooms with toys and bright, active decorations, do your best to keep this stuff to an elegant minimum. Too much stuff, and too much active imagery - especially in bedrooms - can cause children to feel overwhelmed and as if their attention has nowhere to settle and regroup.

Establish Sacred Space

Daily, take a moment to clear and bless your home, and especially the baby's room, with a quick visualization. It doesn't have to take longer than a minute or two, but if finding the time is still an issue, you might do it while you're nursing, rocking the baby, taking a shower, making breakfast, or walking the dog. Simply envision a vacuum tube of very bright, golden white light moving through the home, vacuuming up all negativity. Then envision a sphere of very bright, golden, serene, protective white light completely encompassing your entire home (and perhaps the nursery on its own as well for a double protection and blessing). If you like, you can also call on angels and/or a deity of your choice to help with this.

Employ Vibrational Cures

As necessary, or as you feel guided, you might also employ vibrational cures in the form of flower essences, gem elixirs, or crystals. For example, four drops of Rescue Remedy in a mister of rose water or spring water can be employed as an all-purpose blessing and balancing mist for the nursery and entire home. Here are a few more examples of helpful vibrational cures:
  •  A lapis lazuli crystal, placed in the nursery or bedroom (ideally generally close to where the child sleeps) can help heal and balance your child's emotions and restore her sense of playfulness and joy. After blessing and empowering it for the purpose, you might consider making a functional charm out of it by sewing it into a little pillow or padded toy.
  • A lepidolite crystal, employed in a similar way, can be helpful for especially creative and artistic children, to help them to retain their connection with flowers and fairies, and to freely and easily express their uniqueness.
  • Four drops of rose quartz essence, placed in a mister of spring water, may be employed like the Rescue Remedy mist (above) to help establish an environment conducive to physical healing and restful sleep.
P.S. The picture is of my nephew, Joel! Isn't he ADORABLE?


  1. Totally adorable! You are one lucky auntie! Thanks so much for this post, Tess. It-- once again-- makes me feel so blessed and lucky to be a mom to an amazing little dude. Will employ all your ideas here. :)

    1. (Oops - comment below was meant to be a reply to this comment. Still getting the hang of this feature.)

  2. Awesome, Kate! Glad you liked the post. Many blessings to you and your little one.


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