Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Journal Your Way to a Beautiful 2012

What a wonderful moment to plant the seeds of success! Not only is the year still brand-sparkling-new, it's also a Tuesday (the day of passion and courage), and the waxing moon is in Taurus (which means it's a great day to set in motion energies related to long term success). Plus, the Year of the Dragon - the lunar new year/Chinese New Year - doesn't begin until January 23rd, so it's an excellent day to plan. (Still, go ahead and do this exercise any time that feels right!)

I find that journaling is most effective as a spiritual/magical exercise when it's fun and playful. With that in mind, grab your book and let's get started. Free-write in any way that feels good to you until you find you have answered the following questions in a satisfying way. (They've been formulated to match the light, joyful, zesty energies that characterize this new year and the soon-to-arrive Year of the Water Dragon.)

1. Name three aspects of yourself that you would you like to let out of the closet this year. Don't just describe them, give them names. Let yourself get silly. For example: Queen Bitch, Sparkle Diva, Boss Man. Then write a small paragraph as each personality aspect, asserting your right to shine. After completing each, fully embody that aspect of yourself as you open your arms wide and visualize bright sunlight streaming into your heart and shining all around you.

2. Admit three goals, big or small, that you would like to achieve. Perhaps you've kept them hidden from yourself for any number of (imaginary) reasons, such as, "That's too far-fetched," "I'm not that kind of person," or, "People might laugh at me." Take your time and discover what goals are really there in your heart, not as something externally imposed (i.e. something you think you "should" want), but something that is simply present as a part of your true essence. Write each as if it is already true, for example: "I am a successful actress," "I laugh deeply every day," or, "I am in a wonderful relationship with the love of my life." When this is complete, say the goal aloud while looking in the mirror, and then nod your head up and down as you smile and say emphatically, "Yes, yes, yes!"(Repeat if necessary until it rings true!)

3. Make three small, positive, doable commitments to seal in your goals and desired changes, and to get your energy moving in a positive way. For example, you might commit to dancing for five minutes, flossing your teeth every day for a week, and drinking 60 ounces of pure water for the next three days. Write these down in some sort of official, contract-like way, such as:

"I hereby commit to dancing for five minutes immediately following this journal exercise, flossing my teeth every day for a week, and drinking at least 60 ounces of pure water for the next three days. By so-doing, I consciously seal in my desired energies, summon my goals, and set in motion great waves of positive vibrations for the year ahead. Signed this 3rd day of January in the Year of Our Lady, 2012. (Your Signature Here)."


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