Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clearing the Way for the Infinite

Why do we clear clutter from our homes and make a point of keeping our personal energy clear, positive, and balanced? Is it because we dislike things and want to purge our lives of their unsavory influence? Or, is it because we see this world and all its many aspects as inherently negative - as something to be feared or avoided?

Not at all! It's because we recognize (as theoretical physicists now do and as spiritual practitioners since time immemorial have) that the finite world as we know it is a hologram, and essentially an illusion - something we can see and perceive, but something without lasting substance. So, when we let go of the extras - the clothes we never wear, the pictures on our wall we don't like, and the limiting beliefs and fears that we may have picked up along the way - we can allow the eternal, shimmering, endlessly inspiring nature of the Infinite (God/dess) to flow to the surface of our perception and permeate every aspect of our life experience.

Forgoing the shopping trip to buy more things that we don't need, we can sit in silence with a cup of tea and watch birds fly through the vast winter sky.

Paring down our home to be filled with only things we love, use, or need, we can quiet our minds and let the simple beauty of our life and lifestyle to shine forth.

Recognizing, and then letting go of the preconceptions that "everyone is out to get me," or "you just can't win," we can allow each relationship to be a window into the Divine, and allow each moment to contain infinite possibilities for miracles and blessings.

We reclaim our power over "stuff," and we connect with what is TRUE within us: our beauty, divinity, and our eternal nature.

Yes, it's the most bustling time of the holiday season - even more reason to simplify! And today's waning Libra moon can provide the perfect balancing, harmonizing boost.


  1. Reading your new book and loving it. Made my rattle and sage infused all purpose natural cleaner! Let myself into the office at 5 am to set out simple Christams fare and do some major energy clearing for my peeps...rattled up a storm then left at dawn for my vacation...leaving a sparkly wake. Now that was some serious fun!

  2. Awesome - so happy to hear it! Thanks so much for reading and connecting!


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