Monday, May 9, 2011

How Magic Works (Explanation #1 in an Infinite Series): Doorways of Possibility

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One of the reasons most mainstream culture enthusiasts don't really "get" people who believe in magic is that they watch too many movies. Indeed, when I first started practicing magic I halfway expected dollar bills to fall out of the sky when I did a money spell or for the love of my life to suddenly appear in a cloud of pink smoke as the dramatic conclusion to a successful love spell.

While these are actually excellent metaphors for the magical experience, as veteran magical practitioners well know, they're not exactly how it always plays out.

In reality, the way it plays out is usually much, much better.

One way to describe the process is that a new doorway of possibility opens in your mind/body/spirit. To illustrate, imagine you're looking for a parking space. You're in a place where you've been a million times before and you can see that, according to the potential spots that you are aware of, there are simply no parking spaces available: none whatsoever. But as you speed through your usual route, thinking, "no, not here, no not here," you suddenly slow down and think, "But what if there were a space for me somewhere. Just what if!" Now, instead of just cruising past, you are alert when you see someone's lights go on and you realize they are just about to leave. Or, perhaps you suddenly notice a new free parking lot that you just didn't see before because you were previously not awake to the "what if." The reality you desired came into being because your awareness became receptive to new possibilities. The doorway was open.

For whatever reason - perhaps because of limiting beliefs instilled by family or culture - it might seem to you like something that your heart of hearts desires is "just plain impossible." You might think that it can only come from certain channels which seem obviously closed, or perhaps some part of you might feel disloyal for being happier or more successful than your parents and so there is a block. By performing a ritual to manifest this desire, you are overriding these old programs and working within your own consciousness to re-write the program of your life.

The wonderful thing about opening doorways of possibility is that it means you are expanding your personal universe. It means that suddenly there is more to explore! Life is not something you've seen a million times before. It's eternally reinventing itself as beautiful country you've never visited but have always wanted to see.

In truth, magic is the most natural of natural laws, and there are infinite ways to define it and describe the way it works. This is just one.


  1. Thank you for this lovely way of looking at and defining magic. I love your writing, and your willingness to share your always-helpful perspective on things!

  2. Thank you for posting this great article with a very useful perspective on magic. I like the way you think!

  3. I love your perception on this. I never thought of things that way. Thank you


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