Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creative Energy Tuning--Putting Your Own Spin on the Vibe of Your Life

A perpetually flowing fountain of green and gold sparkles of light?  Romantic pink swirlies?  A generous drench of golden-sweet honey-colored light?  I say: why not?

After clearing the space in your home or personal energy field, it's ideal not only to shield, but also to set the energetic tone, so that you're not just releasing what you don't want, you're calling in what you do want.  For example:
  • As part of your daily mediation, after doing a clearing visualization and shielding yourself in a sphere of white and/or indigo light, you might then choose a quality you'd like to infuse yourself with throughout the day - say, romance.  Then, you might visualize very bright pink and golden light swirling around your energy field in a clockwise direction.  Ask for Aphrodite to bless the light with the energy of beauty and romantic love so that you can magnetize and experience these energies throughout the day, feel this happening, and there you go.
  • To infuse your home with a feeling of inspiration, magic, and joy, and to seriously fine-tune the vibes - after clearing the space through visualization, sage, sound, or any other method(s) - you might call on the ascended master Merlin to stamp his staff on the floor and send rainbow whirlpools of light into every nook, cranny, and corner.
  • ...OR, using your visualizing abilities, place a huge, perpetually flowing fountain of golden sparkly light in the center of your home to affirm and welcome in more abundance. 
  • Is it your New Year's resolution to exercise more?  After filling your water bottle, hold it in both hands and visualize a sphere of very bright, periwinkle blue, sparkly light filling it and emanating from it.  Think the words, "self-love, motivation, vibrant health" and send the energy of the words into the water.
The point is:  we are artists and our lives are our canvas!  Creativity is spirituality and spirituality is creativity.  Tune into your creative flow, work with the energies, deities, feelings, and intentions that lift your spirits and fuel your inspiration, and craft the life of your dreams.

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  1. Dear Tess - I've been overwhelmed for the past 7 months with my houe up for sale, the prospect of moving, which is finally happening in the February; the passing of two of my beloved dogs; and not knowing what to do first to bless my new house and yard when I arrive. I've been releasing my present house but other than having I-Ching coins placed beneath flooring in my new house, (to always walk with prosperity) what can I do when I first move in. I'm only taking furniture and the things that I really love so I've done a lot of clearing in the past few months. Shari

  2. Hi Shari - Congratulations on your move, and I am SO sorry to hear about the passing of your dogs. You might try the "new house" blessing ritual in Magical Housekeeping (p. 181) upon moving in. Love and blessings to you!


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