Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prosperity Consciousness Detox Bath

The Goddess wants to shower you with gifts of abundance.  To help tap into this prosperous flow, and activate the intuition that will guide you to take the actions necessary to tap into your divinely designed supply, it's helpful to let go of any beliefs, habitual fears, or old karmic patterns that appear to stand in the way.  Especially during this particular time in history, when money fears appear to be so commonplace.  And especially for sensitive people like us, who can pick up so powerfully on the thoughts and feelings of those around us - sometimes even mistaking them for our own.

This relaxing and spiritually detoxifying bath ritual will help soothe away and neutralize the effects of the fears, worries, and limiting beliefs that may be standing between you and the fullness of your divinely designed supply.  You can perform it anytime that you have an hour or so to yourself.

One green candle
One stick sage incense (alternatively you can smudge the bathroom with white sage before the bath or diffuse essential oil of sage)
3/4 cup sea salt

Draw a warm bath and dissolve the sea salt into it.  Light the candle and incense and place them near the bathtub.  Stand gazing at the bathtub as you take some deep breaths, relax, and hold your open palms over the water.  Visualize very bright white light filling the water and then blindingly-bright green light.  Say the following or something similar:

"Great Goddess of wealth and increase, I call on you.
Thank you for soothing my spirit, activating my receptivity, and tapping me into my immediate and infinite supply of prosperity.
Thank you for aligning me with the confidence that comes from knowing that all my needs are perfectly met and perfectly provided for.
Thank you and blessed be."

Soak in the tub for at least 40 minutes as you feel the magic working - you might visualize/imagine doors and floodgates opening and activating abundant streams of golden light.  Additionally, you might visualize/imagine your personal energy field becoming very aligned with the bright green/golden magnetic light of prosperity.


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