Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Are you from outer space? -- 5 signs you're an incarnated star person

OK, I know it may sound crazy to some. But lately in my intuitive counseling practice, I've been encountering people with galactic identities - i.e. past or parallel, non-human lives on other planets or in space. Apparently, at this moment it seems to be of particular importance that these star people remember their galactic identities. In fact, it appears that there's something these star people have come here to do, namely to help heal the earth and shift human consciousness.                      

Do you feel like this might describe you? If so, here are some clues I've gleaned from my sessions and intuitive insights to help you be more certain of your galactic identity and your connection with the stars.

1. You have suspected this before. The title of this blog post in no way seems crazy to you. Looking to the starry skies, you have sensed that they were your home. You've looked around in human settings and thought, "I don't fit in here. This isn't where I'm from." You may even have some sort of recollection of journeying to earth from outer space, or of communing with beings from another planet.

2. You often find it difficult to accept or understand the behavior of other humans. While many earthlings who aren't star people also feel this way, you feel it particularly strongly. The cruelty and violence you perceive in human behavior makes it difficult for you to identify with the human race as a whole, and you in some way refuse to accept that this is truly who you are.

3. You feel that there is a beat to which almost everyone marches, and it is completely out of sync with your personal rhythm. When you dance, you may even literally dance to a rhythm that isn't the one heard by the others on the dance floor. Other behaviors that require falling into a human rhythm - such as driving or maneuvering through a crowded area on foot - don't seem to come totally naturally to you.

4. When you watch a sci-fi movie set in space, you experience a powerful reaction. Depending on your prior life experience as a star being, the movie may feel cozy or terrifying, or perhaps fill you with an aching longing. Regardless of the reaction, it somehow seems out of proportion to the film itself.

5. You are being drawn to step more fully into your power at this precise moment, because you sense on some level that there is something important you came here to do. Instead of continuing to believe the old story that you are different because there is something wrong with you, you are currently feeling the call to recall your true identity as a leader, healer, activist, and/or consciousness-shifter.

If this sounds like you, and your suspicion about your galactic identity has been validated, it is of extreme importance that you remember that you chose to be incarnated at this particular moment: you came here for a reason. And if you relax and trust yourself, you'll find that you know exactly what that reason is. Remembering and embracing this will make being on earth easier for you, and will help you channel your unique and considerable spiritual gifts. In addition to bringing you a sense of relief, this will also (through you and your actions) bring great blessings and benefits to the world.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Mirrored Sphere--an easy, effective protection visualization you can use in a pinch

The "mirrored sphere" visualization is part protective bubble, part ninja invisibility cloak. When I was still a resident of a big city, I found it invaluable for times when I needed an extra dose of protection, as well as times when I simply preferred not to be looked at (i.e. creepy stare moments).

Plus, it's really simple! All you do is visualize a huge, mirrored sphere around yourself, instantly reflecting any and all energies pointed your way right back to where they came from. This way, if a person is directing envy, unwelcome lust, or any other undesired thought form your way, it will bounce right off you and go back to its source. And, if someone is leering at you or simply making you uncomfortable or self-conscious, they will no longer see you, but will rather see some form of his or her own reflection. On really sunny days, they might also be sort of energetically blinded, causing them to avert their eyes.

(This is an adapted excerpt from the Your Invisible Magical Toolbox chapter of my forthcoming book, Holistic Energy Magic.)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year! -- 5 little ways to make this your luckiest one yet

Wikipedia/Kenny Louie
It's the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep! The day of the lunar new year (today) and the following days are traditionally observed with luck-enhancing activities. Here are five of them.

1. Greet others with well wishes. What we sends out comes back to us. So send out positivity on the wings of verbal well wishes. Here, I'll demonstrate: I wish you blessings of health, wealth, happiness, success, and love! (I mean honestly though, I really do!)

flickr/Mark Manguerra

2. Eat noodles. Make a dish of chow mein (or even spaghetti or linguini), and don't break the noodles before you boil them. Affirm that the length of the noodles is a symbol of a long and healthy life, season with a little cayenne to fuel the meal with fiery vitality, and then internalize the energy as you eat...And, of course, share the longevity with others if you so desire.

flickr/Pi Itsvan Toth
3. Wear bright red. (Or paint your toenails red, or apply your brightest red lipstick.) Red is the perennial color of positivity, happiness, and luck, and wearing it today and over the next week will help infuse your entire lunar year with fortunate blessings.

4. Shake a rattle or bang on pots and pans. ...Or bang a drum, or hit a gong, or clap really loudly, or...basically make a big racket. Firecrackers are traditionally employed for this purpose, but other loud noises will also work to clear the stagnant energy from the old year and make room for the most positivity possible in the year ahead.

5. Eat an orange or a tangerine. As a symbol of wealth and success, a tangerine or orange can also help increase your luck in the year ahead. First hold it in both hands and visualize it being filled with very bright orange light and the energy of prosperity. Then, mindfully, eat.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Step Into Your Power...Even More! (Video)

You've been hearing the guidance, haven't you? It's time to embody your magical and spiritual power even more than ever before. We are the medicine people and sacred artists of our time, and now is the moment for us to turn up the volume on our efforts to help heal and bring peace to our fellow creatures and our beloved planet. This video includes a pep talk and a guided meditation.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tutorial: Shield Yourself in Light

Surrounding yourself in white light is a VERY useful everyday skill for magical/spiritual practitioners and those with intuitive abilities. In addition to establishing a protective energetic shield, the guided visualization in this video will align you with Divine wisdom, healing, and love.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Holographic Universe: Infinity is Within You

Many theoretical physicists now believe that the universe is a hologram. When you really consider the implications of this, it's sort of the most natural thing in the world.

(Watch the video and let me explain!)

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